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Creating Smarter Malls



Primall Media and MallWorx are South Africa’s leading in-mall advertising companies, delivering a range of digital and static visual media options which have the power to influence shopper behaviour and drive conversion.


Out of Home media sales need experts who understands the medium and have relationships with brands who advertise. Primall and MallWorx are the experts when it’s comes to selling mall media space. Not only do they provide holistic mall solutions for every advertising need and medium, they have multiple touch points in malls and are back their expertise up with sufficient research and data that has enabled them to understand the shopper and their mall journeys.

Primall Media’s national footprint of super-regional malls allows for cost effective targeting of South Africa’s affluent market in an environment where shopping and entertainment prevail.

MallWorx provides brands with access to a range of media solutions targeted to the middle mass market including township, suburban and CBD malls around all major metropolitan areas nationwide.

Primall and MallWorx are the experts when it comes to selling mall space.